Aspire to Believe CIC


The biggest message you need to know if you are being bullied is that you need to tell someone!! Telling is not grassing, telling is taking the power that the bully has away from them!

Bullies need power, bullies are given power when other young people (known as bystanders) do not stand up and stop the bullying. This can be done by:

  • Reporting what you have seen happening to someone
  • Not standing and encouraging a fight - (if you did watch, this would make you as bad as the bully)
  • Walking away and reporting
  • Not encouraging the bully by laughing or joining in calling someone names etc
  • Telling the bully to stop but only If its safe enough for you to do this. Never put yourself in a position that could lead to you being bullied
Standing up for yourself is a lot easier said than done. However if you are able to master this it will help you greatly in the long run as you will of: 
  • Stood up for yourself
  • Stopped the bullying
  • Raised your self esteem 
  • Raised your confidence
Some of the ways you can practice are:

  • Being clever with your words but don't be nasty back (this will make you as bad as the bully and likely get you in to trouble)
  • Answer unkind words with a question e.g Thicko - Where did you get such information from?
  • Answer unkind words with a compliment e.g. Your hair looks stupid - Aw thank you I like to be different 
  • Answer unkind words with an Agreement e.g. How spotty are you? - I know I am going for dot to dot on my nose!
Also try practicing standing up for yourself by changing your body language by ensuring you always:

  • Keeping your head up
  • Keep your shoulders back
  • Give Eye Contact - very important
  • Speak clearly and not quietly
The key to all of this is not to just try the ideas above once but keep doing them. Initially the bullies will come back or laugh at what your doing, but you need to change their behaviour and when they realise they are no longer getting to you they will start to get bored and leave you alone. Whilst your carrying out all of the ideas ensure that you have a staff member to report to for support.