Aspire to Believe CIC


Reducing bullying and improving behaviour is strongly underpinned by well-being. Schools should always expect good behaviour which is supported by consistent policies and effective teaching that promotes good social, emotional and moral development.  

By reducing bullying, raising attendance & punctuality, awareness of pupil's social and emotional needs will help reduce bad behaviour within the classroom. Pupil's safety is a key concern therefore bullying and behavioural issues can contribute towards the welfare of each child in the classroom. By working as a whole school approach creating an environment with respect for each other, good conduct in and out of the classroom and an understanding of others and their behaviour, will in turn reduce bad behaviour and bullying.
 Kate Hillyard - Anti Bullying & Behaviour Consultant







By using Aspire to Believe CIC, you will have direct access two members of staff and to all of the following areas:

  • The Anti-Bullying Alliance
  • Policy writing including review and development of effective anti-bullying and behaviour procedures, in line with OFSTED Expectations.
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassador training for peers
  • Training for all Staff including Lunchtime Supervisors & Governors on all anti-bullying & behaviour areas
  • Prejudice bullying related to special education need & disability, race, religion and belief,  sexual orientation, homophobic & transgender.
  • Buddy & Peer Mentor Training
  • Cyberbullying Awareness for pupils, including assessing and managing risk appropriately and keeping themselves safe.
  • Complex Casework around both bullying & behaviour
  • Friendship groupwork including girls friendship groups
  • Anti-Bullying Assemblies, workshops or themes including Anti-Bullying week
  • Mediation between parents/carers and schools, parents and child
  • Anti-Bullying workshops for parents
  • Parenting classes - helping parents recognize behaviours, their own and their child's
  • Support in attendance and punctuality at school and lessons including phased return e.g. bullying or behaviour issues.Kate Hillyard - Anti Bullying & Behaviour Consultant
  • Strategies to help staff manage behaviour and bullying situations
  • Introducing new strategies to improve behaviour and enhance emotional health and well being
  • Measuring pupil, class and whole school well-being; which includes the introduction of strategies to help improve well-being.
  • Action plans and work around the Diana Award & BIG (Bullying Intervention Award)
  • Also available are individual plans for your school, looking at areas you wish to improve and the different ways it can be done.