Aspire to Believe CIC

 Kate is the Founder, a Director and the Emotional Health and Well-Being consultant for Aspire to Believe.

She has worked with young people for the last 25 years. She has extensive experience with both primary and secondary children and has a wonderful ability to get pupils to open up and share their problems. She is highly valued by professionals and most importantly young people.

Kate started her career in mental health and trained as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, spending her evenings working in the Youth Service with teenagers. It was during this time that Kate studied over five long years for a BA Hons in Informal and Community Education.

Taking her skills including her knowledge, around both young people and mental health plus her qualifications in youth work and counselling she went on to lead successful projects for the youth service, encouraging young people to make good decisions for their future.

From here Kate took the role of Anti-Bullying Coordinator for Redcar & Cleveland Local Authority leading the service and successfully delivered support and initiatives with all the primary & secondary schools in Redcar & Cleveland for five years.

It was May 2011 that Kate decided that she would start her own business and left with support from Redcar & Cleveland Schools. The former Anti-Bullying & Behaviour Service now known as Aspire to Believe has significantly grown since then and Kate has young people working for her, giving opportunities and teaching new skills to those that are closest to her heart.

Schools, workplaces and parents use Kate's service for all types of support from bullying to anxiety, behaviour to self esteem and anger management to family relationships to name but a few. It was due to the vast majority of work around emotional health and well being that the team decided a new name was more fitting than its former name of anti-bullying & behaviour service.

Some schools use Kate for a full day once a week others buy her in when they need her. She is very knowledgeable in her area and will happily train young people to be ambassadors, peer mentors or buddies, work with staff in how to recognise and deal with bullying, governors in policy writing, lunchtime supervisors in recognising and reporting bullying.The list is endless but whatever you feel you need, ask Kate, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what she does know and what she can do!!!



    Libby Walker - Emotional Health & Well-Being Support Worker has worked for Aspire to Believe since she was 15 years old. Libby is trained to deliver basic counselling and is competent and experienced in giving support around anti-bullying, behaviour and emotional health and well-being.

She is currently training to be a youth worker and is working towards her level 3 youth work qualification. In addition; she is partaking in mindfulness training course.

Libby has a great personality and is extremely bubbly which in turn encourages young people to engage with her.

Christine Brown   has more than 25 years' experience as a youth worker. At Aspire to Believe she holds a senior youth work role. Christine has a fun way of engaging with young people and is well recognised past and present by young people who she has helped.

She is basic counsellor trained and has a range of skills and knowledge around all aspects of issues that face young people.


Morgan Hillyard -15


Tom Hierons -16 

They have been volunteering as young leaders with Aspire to Believe for more than a year. They work primarily in the youth club helping young people. In addition; they sit on a community committee helping to tackle rural social isolation and loneliness.

Morgan and Tom are training to be youth workers and are currently working towards their level 1 youth work qualification. They are also members of Youth Focus Steering Group and represent the voices of young people in North East of England.


Ellie Hillyard is 16 years old and works one night a week in the youth club as a junior leader. Ellie spends her days at college completing her qualifications in Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care.