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How our work has Contributed 


 Personal development, behaviour and welfare is outstanding:

   Pupils say that bullying is a rarity and that, where it does happen, staff are quick to respond to ensure it is nipped in the bud. All pupils questioned by inspectors and who responded to the questionnaire said they felt safe and secure from threats of bullying and intimidation.

Pupils have a very good understanding of how to stay safe when using the internet as a result of support from teachers and visitors to the school who have spoken to pupils in assemblies

The behaviour of pupils is outstanding, what marks it out as being beyond good is how considerate pupils are towards each other and how they remind each other of how to behave without having to be prompted by adults. This does not just happen by chance. Teachers have worked hard to create an ethos in the classroom where mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation are very much the order of the day

The school has strong procedures for monitoring behaviour. Patterns of behaviour are analysed in depth "* and the rare incidents that occur are dealt with promptly

Behaviour both in and out of the classroom is impressive and pupils' deep care for each other is beyond that normally found in schools

Comments taken from East Whitby Community Primary School OFSTED report


The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding:

Pupils have a very clear understanding of what bullying is and the different forms it can take. They say that it is very rare and in order to maintain this and to allow pupils to become more involved in its prevention, Year 6 pupils are currently being trained as anti-bullying ambassadors.

Sleights Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, 22-23 April 2015


Personal development, behaviour and welfare is good:

Pupils understand that discrimination and bullying can take many different forms, including cyber- and homophobic bullying. Pupils talk confidently about how the college deals with issues of bullying quickly, and they feel safe in college.

Inspection report: High Tunstall College of Science, 23 24 June 2016




Personal development, behaviour and welfare is good:

Pupils have good knowledge of all forms of bullying, including homophobic and racist bullying. They say there is little bullying and staff deal effectively with bullying when it does happen. The school has set up 'The Trust', a group of pupils who help their peers with friendship issues.

Inspection report: Eskdale School, 3-4 November 2015


The behaviour and safety of pupils are good:

Students report that they feel safe and parents confirm this in their responses to the online survey. They say that bullying in any form is infrequent and that any incidents are resolved by staff quickly and effectively. They are very aware of the different forms that bullying takes, the risks connected to the use of new technology and how to make the right decisions to keep themselves healthy and fit. As a result, they are aware of how to avoid risk and danger. 

Inspection report: Freebrough Academy, 7-8 January 2015