Aspire to Believe CIC



By using Aspire to Believe CIC, you will have direct access to two members of staff and to all of the following areas:


  • ·Policy writing including review and development of effective anti-bullying and behaviour procedures, in line with OFSTED Expectations.
  •  Ofsted preparation in relation to personal development, behaviour and welfare - ensuring you are ready for inspection
  • How to report and monitor bullying, identify hot spots and analyse trends
  • Online surveys for pupils to complete in relation to identifying how many bullying incidents are happening in your school - we use technology that your pupils have daily use of.
  • PSHCE days around any of the 9 types of bullying and how to recognise and overcome it
  • Use of up to date videos and resources around bullying, behaviour and emotional health & well being
  • Anti-Bullying Charter Mark for your school, academy or college - celebrate how well you are doing!
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassador training for peers to set up a scheme to reduce bullying - delivered over 18 hours
  • A range of training sessions for all Staff including Lunchtime Supervisors & Governors on all types of bullying & behaviour - 2 hour session
  •  Workplace bullying & harassment training for employees - 2 hour session
  •  Prejudice bullying training and awareness raising related to special education need or disability, sexual orientation, sexual & sexist bullying, transphobia & homophobia, race, religion and belief.
  •  Buddy & Peer Mentor Training - 6 hour training
  •  Cyberbullying and Sexting Awareness for pupils, including assessing and managing risk appropriately and keeping themselves safe. 1 day training
  •  Complex casework both in bullying and behaviour which includes full investigation of bullying allegations and incidents - intervention with the pupil is set according to their need and can be carried out over a short or long term period
  •  Friendship groupwork, girl's relational aggression group work or boys conflict work - 6 week minimum (1 hour per session)
  •  Anti-Bullying Assemblies, workshops or themes including anti-bullying week, Internet safety day, friendship day etc.
  •  Mediation between parents/carers and schools and mediation between parents and their child
  •  Anti-Bullying awareness workshops and internet safety workshops for parents
  •  Parenting classes - helping parents recognise behaviours both their own and their child's
  •  Support in attendance and punctuality at school and lessons including phased return due to bullying emotional health or behaviour issues.
  •  Attendance at multi agency meetings
  •  Strategies to help all staff, pupils and parents to manage behaviour and bullying situations
  •  Supporting and introducing new strategies to improve behaviour and enhance emotional health and well being with individual young people which includes basic counselling support. (we will see up to 3 clients per hour over a period of weeks)
  •  Measuring pupil, class and whole school well-being; which includes the introduction of strategies to help improve well-being with individual young people
  •  Individual plans for your school, looking at areas you wish to improve and the different ways it can be done for both bullying and behaviour.
  •  Anger management, anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence support 1:1 sessions (we see up to 3 young people per hour)
  •  Self esteem and confidence building workshops for young people (minimum of 1 hour sessions over 12 weeks).
  •  Workshops to be delivered over 10 weeks to suit the needs of your pupils. The focus will be around bullying, behaviour or emotional health & well being.



All sessions can be delivered at a time that suits you this includes afterschool clubs and twilight sessions.

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