Aspire to Believe CIC

      Kate has been doing some fantastic work with our teenage daughter who was in need of some additional support, she was bullied at her previous school and started a new much larger school which faced some challenges for her. During this period she was also diagnosed with dyslexia. After the bullying her self-esteem was very low and she tried desperately to find her own place within her peer group and discover her individuality.

      She began to display some challenging behaviors that were very new to her as a result of her trying to cope with the transition between schools and her own emotions and feelings. I had previously never considered a counselling service and initially I was a little skeptical about the benefit as we are a very close, open family who talk about most things and always support each other. I decided I would try anything to help and have found Kates' help invaluable, she is open, honest and very approachable and has gained both the trust of our family and daughter. She has a lovely relaxed nature and approaches everything with a smile and solution. The methods she uses have opened up feelings and avenues of coping strategies to us all which has resulted in a much happier child who is now beginning to improve both in school and react more appropriately to situations that would before have been challenging to her. She is given small manageable targets each week that are achievable & are small steps. We will definitely continue to use this service and couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Parent 2017 



   My Daughter was suffering very badly because of sustained bullying at Secondary school, experiencing extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and was self-harming. She had some help from C.A.H.M.S. but eventually, when still struggling, now in her GCSE year and at the lowest she had ever been I decided to contact Kate. Which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

   My daughter saw Kate once a week at home, she found Kate very easy to talk to, that it wasn't a continuous onslaught of questions, that she was on her wavelength and intuitively picked up on things while they were chatting. So much help and support was given that she gradually began building her confidence, and learnt new coping strategies. Together with helping us to understand our daughters illness, Kate was always there for us to talk to as well.

   Very proactive in maintaining a dialogue with school staff, working particularly closely with the Special Needs Department team.

 Kate can take credit for turning things around for our daughter, and helping her to overcome her difficulties at a critical time in her life. Kate makes a significant contribution to helping young people deal with the ever-increasing pressures and complex issues they have to face in modern society.

Thankyou Kate.

From a very happy family (2012 - 2017)