Aspire to Believe CIC

Messages from pupils

Hello Kate, I just wanted to tell you how well I've been doing! I recently did my mock exams and got an A in English and a C in Maths, I got student of the year from small school Aspiration and I seem to be getting through school a lot easier! I've recently starting to be a Maths mentor for a year 9, how mad is that?Do you remember when I would refuse to go to every maths lesson? Well I go there now without fail, it has become one of my favorite lessons.

Your probably wondering why I'm sending you this. I was looking through my keep safe things and found my work experience placement thing and remembered how much you influenced me! When I get mad or upset, I always here your voice telling me to 'calm down' and 'what's the worst that could happen?'

I leave school in 15 weeks and for once I see a bright future ahead of me, I plan to go to college to do public services before joining the army or police force.

I'd like to say a huge thank you for helping me out when I was a complete mess, and letting me spend my work experience with you, I really enjoyed it!

I hope to one day see you again but for now, its a good bye from me!

Year 11 pupil - 1:1 input 2011-2013

Freebrough Academy 


Dear Kate

I would like to thank you for the work you did with me and my friendship group, since you arranged the meeting with me and the girls things have been a lot better and there is no tension or awkwardness at all. I think everyone is now finding school life a lot easier without all of the constant arguing/dirty looks etc. We can now all focus on our GCSEs and come to school without being worried or stressed about the tensions that were making life difficult before. Once again thank you very much.

 Ex Year 11 Pupil - Group input 2014

Huntcliff Secondary



To Kate

Thank you very much you have really helped us become great ambassadors and we have loved it. You have also helped to decrease bullying in our school and many more things. We will miss you.

Year 5 pupil - 2013 - 2014

Whale Hill Primary 



Dear Mrs Hillyard

We have really enjoyed being with you and are so sad that you are going. You have taught us what a good friend is and do you know what.. you are a good friend to all of us and we will miss you so much. Thank you for all our fun lessons with you and for being so kind.

 Year 6 pupils - 2013 - 2014

St Margaret Clitherows 


When I first met Kate, I wasn't a very confident person and I found it very hard to open up and trust people. I didn't like myself at all and found myself constantly getting in trouble at school. When she came into school and started working with me, she was so patient and understanding of my issues and from that point, I knew that I could talk to her and I could trust her. Kate helped me throughout a long period in so many ways. Together, we worked on coping strategies to manage my anger and negative thoughts, we worked on increasing my confidence and she noticed a talent in me that i never knew i had. Poetry. With her help, 2 of my poems were published into a book and that boosted my confidence a lot. After a couple of weeks of speaking and getting to know her, it get easier and easier to talk to her about my worries and feelings and she was able to sit with me and helped me to understand what the underlying cause of them was. In year 11, I was lucky enough to complete my work experience with her. It was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Now nearly 4 years on, I am not the person I was. I am so confident and I will say anything that is on my mind. I am now a very happy, smiling and a determined individual. I am currently at college and after i have completed this year I will be going to university. But none of this would have existed if Kate wasn't there, teaching me how to love myself and how to deal and manage my emotions. She brought out a different side of me, a side that I didn't know was there. I keep telling her how thankful I am but words can never explain how much of a difference she has made to my life! Thank you so much Kate, honestly!

Ex Pupil - 2017 


Kate first started working with me when I was ~15, I was suffering from reoccurring feelings from previous bullying as well as new bullying. My self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low. Constant anxiety, mood swings, lashing out at the people I loved most and impacting on my education; I couldn't go on neither could my family.

Through a number of methods Kate helped me talk about what was going on in my head, confronting feelings and situations I had never told anyone. Some of these methods included ways to deal with my feelings but also ways to increase my confidence as well as reduce my anxiety along with encouraging me to find an exercise that I enjoyed doing. Kate also provided my family with an understanding of what I was going through, but also how to help me and help each other.

Kate was there through the end of secondary, but also on a number of occasions when I have needed someone to talk to when going through difficult times.

I finished my GCSE's, passing all with A*-C's going on to do A-levels and succeeding in them. I am now completing my 3rd year of Biological Sciences degree as part of a sponsored apprenticeship. I feel equipped to cope with anything life throws at me; socially or in the workplace. I don't overthink situations anymore, I can deal with exam stress and channel it into working harder, my anxiety doesn't rule my life and I exercise regularly to release happy endorphins and increase my self-esteem. 5 years on from what I went through and the skills Kate has helped me develop has led to me being truly happy; a place that I never thought I would get too, but Kate would always tell me I would get here.

Ex-Pupil 2017