Aspire to Believe CIC


Top Tips to deal with Bullying

  1. Don't ignore it - it won't go away and may only get worse
  2. Tell someone you trust - maybe a close friend, parent or teacher
  3. Ask your mates to look out for you
  4. Never think it is your fault - no one deserves to be bullied
  5. Log everything in a book or diary with dates, times, places and who was involved. Keep this safe
  6. Check you schools anti-bullying policy - this will tell you what your school should be doing about bullying
  7. Try and act more confident even if you don't feel it
  8. Practice HESS to make you look powerful and strong - Head held high, Eye contact, Shoulders back & smile
  9. Remember you are not alone
  10. You have the power -you can do something about it
  11. Try and walk 25% faster
  12. Keep a record especially all texts and emails that have been sent
  13. If bullied on social networking sites like facebook ensure you screen print the evidence, do not copy and paste into a word document
  14. Bullying is not ok , it is not genetic
  15. Stop, walk away. Do not participate if a friend of group of friends are bullying other students
  16. When you are feeling angry and mean, think about what you are doing and stop. Take a deep breath and count to 3
  17. Be a friend, Offer yourself as a friend to a student who is being bullied with a smile or a kind word.
  18. Everybody is special and unique, find out what is special or unique about the person being bullied
  19. Be brave, if you are very brave and feel safe, you can tell the bully to stop. You have that right.
  20. Teach your children that they are powerful beings, and to use their power to respond to bullying in a positive way.
  21. Don't react the same way as a bully, this makes you just as bad and you could get into trouble.
  22. Be careful who you talk to on line, they may be pretending to be someone else and may trick you into doing something you don't want to do
  23. Don't share your password or secret question with anyone, particularly your best friend. They could pretend to be you and bully someone, particularly if you fall out
  24. Never give your address or phone number to someone you do not know.
  25. If someone is threatening you on line or making you feel uncomfortable , make sure you tell an adult or use the report abuse button on the webpage/website
  26. Try to keep going into school, even if you are feeling worried and upset, it will help you to try and stay strong. You are showing the bullies that they cannot scare you into staying off.