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 Having the Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Service working in our school has been fantastic. Their involvement has raised the profile of anti-bullying in our school massively! Our Ambassadors feel valued and therefore are empowered to support our anti-bullying work in school. They walk around school wearing their badges with pride and the other pupils know exactly who to turn to if they need help.

 Katie Rushall, teacher at Billingham south primary. 2017 


 I found the anti bullying service incredible useful,delivering training to our newly formed group of anti bullying ambassadors.They gave the ambassador the confidence to communicate their message across the college via tutorials and whole college assemblies.Kate and her team are flexible and certainly would meet the needs of any school wanting to get ofsted ready in respect of this element of safeguarding.

   Mr J Bond (Caedmon College, Whitby) 2017




We will most certainly be re investing via the SLA in the upcoming year! It's a great service and would recommend it, not least because it makes one constantly reflective and evaluative of one's own practice.

Chris Gibson  (Head, Belmont Primary) 2017




Working with the Anti-Bullying & Behaviour Service  has raised the profile of our Anti Bullying Team in our school. Anti Bullying is an area that our Mentor is particularly passionate about and she has been inspired by working alongside Kate and Libby to raise the profile of our  A Team. The Anti bullying team in our school have enjoyed all aspects of their training and always participate enthusiastically in their sessions. Our  A team have been empowered and their confidence has grown. Feedback has shown that our A Team have particularly enjoyed delivering anti bullying activities during our annual Anti Bullying weeks.

Catherine Spark (Team Leader) - Archibald Primary, Middlesbrough 2017


Mrs Hillyard set up our school anti bullying team. They have regular meetings and are easily identified on the playground! They take their roles seriously and have been fantastically supported by Mrs Hillyard. She always works with our children during Anti Bullying Week and regularly supports groups of children in school.

Thoroughly recommended.

From Alison Toward, Headteacher, St Joseph's RC Primary Academy, Loftus 2017


Kate has been working with Year Four children at Wheatlands, focusing on two target groups, each with their own issues. She has formed very positive relationships with the children involved, allowed them to discuss the issues that are affecting them, suggest strategies to move forwards and has followed their progress. She has worked on a very regular basis, been efficient in arranging sessions and flexible in fitting in with the timetable.

From the teacher's point of view the work has been beneficial, to the children themselves, their peers and the teachers. 

From the children's point of view they are always keen to work with Kate and want to try and improve their behaviour and relationships so they contribute well in the discussion sessions.

We would certainly consider working with Kate in the future.

Miss C Soderman (Year 4 Teacher, Wheatlands Primary School) 2011

Kate Hillyard has worked with a number of students from Nunthorpe School and has had a huge impact on their lives. With been a pastoral leader for over a year now I have came across several students who have had problems with low self esteem or have been victims of bullying. Kate Hillyard is well known in the area for helping students with these types of issues. Through the Pastoral Support Programmes (PSP's) we have organised for Kate to come into school and work alongside myself, the student and also the family. Through these meetings Kate has provided advice and guidance to all involved which we have all been greatly appreciative of.

Kate also organises a time during the school week to work alone with the students to try and find what the real issues are in why they are feeling like they do. These meetings have given the students the opportunity to discuss their own feelings and thoughts. This helps Kate identify the underlying problems, therefore allows her to put certain strategies into place to help support the student further.

I can honestly say that the students and families that have received support from the Anti-Bullying Coordinator are so thankful for her support. The support that she has given to the students has helped raise self-esteem, confidence, provided different ways in how to deal with bullying issues and has also improved the way the student and the family communicate with each other. They have been several cases where Kate's intervention has had a striking impact on the lives of young people.

Steven Purcifer (Invincible House - Nunthorpe School) 2011

Since I, Philip Robinson, Student Behaviour Manager and Nominated Child Protection for Sacred Heart R.C School, have been employed here (June 2007) Kate Hillyard has been working with pupils in our school on a regular basis. Kate has worked both one to one with pupils and worked with pupils as a group helping them tackle with all aspects of bullying. Kate has worked with those who have been bullied to put in coping mechanisms to help them deal with their perpetrators, moreover, how to successfully manage their emotions.

Furthermore, Kate has also worked with those who have bullied in an attempt for them to see the error of their ways and the impact that bullies can have on people's
lives, moreover, the consequences that this can carry and the legalities behind bullying. In my opinion Kate has been very successful in supporting the school tackle issues with bullying. But more importantly her expertise has helped a number of our pupils overcome many obstacles and barriers that their perpetrators have presented them with.

Philip Robinson (Sacred Heart R.C. School) 2011



Evaluation Sheets 



Anger Management training

What went well?

"Everything - loads of ideas!"

What would have made the session even better?

"Nowt! "



Respect training

What went well?

"The information was very informative + useful handouts"

What would have made the session even better?

"Nothing "



Reducing Bullying training

What went well?

"I felt the definition was clarified very well and signs to out for clearly defined. I thoroughly enjoyed this training"



Anti-bullying - the Governor's role

What went well?

"Kate was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and gave appropriate examples to illustrate"

What would have made the session even better?

"Having handouts during session on which to make notes"