Aspire to Believe CIC



Aspire to Believe Community Interest Company is an early intervention emotional health service working with 5 to 25 years olds. It was established as a CIC in 2016 and works alongside services in the public and voluntary sector to build well being and resilience with young people across Tees Valley & North Yorkshire.

The company relies on funding bids, fundraising, work in schools and private work to keep our service going.

Our Mission is:

To support and guide all young people with emotional health and well-being, by giving them the opportunity, resilience and skills to be able to succeed in life 

Aspire to Believe helps schools & families to gain the support they need more quickly and at an earlier stage, before problems get worse. We do not replace existing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) but work alongside them.

We provide a service where young people can share their problems, look for guidance and support, grow their self esteem and confidence, overcome many issues and become more resilient. We offer support both in formal and informal settings, through the day in schools and on an evening through youth provisions.

In addition we provide advice, support and strategies for young people, families and professionals to be able to deal with both bullying and behavioural issues. 

Bullying is a serious problem; which unfortunately continues to make children and young people's lives unbearable. This service has been created to assist all, to find the right strategies to help combat all types of bullying and or behaviour issues, always taking into consideration the emotional needs of each individual

We work with victims, bullies, bystanders and individuals struggling with their behaviour, within educational and workplace settings. Help and advice is available for families, no one is turned away and if an expert member of our team is unable to assist - we can certainly put you in touch with someone who can.